sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

Jacket from Zara FW 13/14 collection

So it seems the our latest editorial star was this little checkered jacket, ha? Well, it's the first trend we'll be discussing today!

Even if you're not that aware of the freshest fashion news, I'm sure you've noticed the invasion of tartans, vichy and basically all sorts of squares and crossing lines, both on the streets and shop windows. It's like some divine creature of fashion was telling us we must wear a print like those!

But... do we really have to? Unless we really like it, we don't. Fashion exists to make us feel great about ourselves and free to visually speak our minds out, not to imprision us. At least, that's what I believe in. ;) Anyway, back to the checks... I am a tartan lover! However, all that square excess made me want to wear it a little diferently. I wanted to go with the flow, but at my own pace... So, I bought this desaturated, Céline-inspired, tartan-ish jacket. It's visually lighter and more neutral than the traditional tartans and goes great with any transition wardrobe. It's short length and slightly boxy cut make it very easy to top lots of clothing shapes and amazing to perform one of the latest street trends: wearing a coat over the shoulders!

For now, I'm leaving you with a few ideas to style this jacket. Hope you have fun ;)

Preppy Day

The trend: Autumnal navy meets preppy school uniforms.

The tips: This outfit is great to wear at school or work, if you can be quite casual. As keeping it casual is the main goal here, the "fashion risk" we are taking to spice it up - clashing navy stripes with modern preppy squares - has to be toned down a bit. The best way to do that is sticking almost strictly to the the colours of the jacket. Here, we have egg shell white, black and dark red and will only add splashes of blue to lighten it up. Just because we are flashing an electric blue messenger bag (an essential to a preppy look) make sure your sweater is black and white or white and dark blue. If you feel extra feisty, you can trade the pops of blue for red ones ;) There you go! To versions of the same outfit! Ankle boots complete this look. Wear them in black to make your legs look longer or play with dark colours if you want to give your feet a little spotlight!

Texture Party

The trend: Winter whites.

The tips: It's still pretty warm outside and you're having a garden party... from day to evening! What should you wear? A little white dress, of course (a white textured mini skirt with a neutral t-shirt will do)! White claimed a wintery spotlight and it's your perfect excuse to pull those fancy girly accessories out of the closet. Play with textures for a fun result. Yes, I really mean wearing ruffles, paillettes, glitters and porcelain flowers... Together! Well, a little amount of each is enough... We don't want the outfit to outshine your beautiful self. And, please, break down the girliness with stricking red lips. I always love a good contrast! By the way, your jacket will keep you warm and quircky throughout the evening. ;)

Casually Bohemian

The trend: Urban bohéme.

The tips: Getting casual and stylish like a street style star is easier than you ever thought! Just stick to basic jeans and t-shirt (if they are a little edgy it's even better!), wear your checkered jacket over the shoulders and accessorize like a bohemian lady! Wide brim hats, suede stilettos and a lady like hand bags are your must-haves. Keeping them close to black will scream that effortlessness we want here. Are you ready to strike a pose?

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  1. Not so sure about the first outfit
    I loved the floral sunglasses :D


    1. Thanks for your comment :)
      Well, I think a little bit of girly prettiness a day can go a long way :D