segunda-feira, 9 de setembro de 2013

This week's editorial is all about making that delicious feeling of a relaxing vacation last a bit longer. Who said all the good things must come to an end quickly?
I certainly wasn't, so, I wanted to do something really casual and breezy, but with an urban edge. After all, we’re back in town and it’s great! Yes, I am a confessed city girl. 

 The pictures bellow will help me guiding you throughout my inspirations of the week ;)

A relaxed version of Grace Kelly.

 This picture of Grace Kelly made me crave the shirt she's wearing. It looks like a men's shirt, which makes it even more alluring in contrast to her extreme femininty. After seeing this, I decided I need a masculine inspired shirt in my story... In the end it became the main character.

Olivia Palermo rocking a natural hairstyle and statement sunnies!

Stricking sun glasses and an effortless hair style? Of course I had to include them at the daytime outfits!

Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez, the queen of effortless chic!

If hot pants work gorgeous on the beach on top of a bikini, why can’t they rock in town with a masculine shirt and stilettos?

Jourdan Dunn in New York. That blue shirt is an eternal must have!

Well, we all know a blue shirt is just the perfect match for jeans... No try the little ankle cuff and you picture will be complete!

Olivia Palermo in New York. A casual sweater tones the skirt and the stilettos down to a neatly relaxed city look. The envelope maxi clutch brings the ultimate urban edge.

Maxy envelope clutches, pointy shoes, warm neutrals, golden jewelry and some skin exposed. Can anything do the summer to autumn / seaside to town transition any better?

Alexa Chung in London. Love the trench coat + pointy flats match!
 Another city style staple, the trench coat. Well, it does rain in september... The best? Get a trench coat with some surprise detail like a printed lining or a different texture and style it to make it your own style staple. That's the fun of the old classics!

Audrey's casual look in one of the prettiest scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany's is a great inspiration for this week's mood!
I simply adore this picture of Holly Gologhtly (Audrey Hepburn) as much as I love watching her singing Moon River. It looks like a summary of everything I said before: effortlessness, beauty, simplicity, easiness. Try these four words yourself. All I know is you won't regret! ;)

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