domingo, 23 de março de 2014

Ready for some more milanese fun?

Playful textures

No. 21 FW 14/15

It's all about texture. Mix, match, don't match, layer, overlay, just play as you please!! Great fashionistas are fierce, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and give new texture combinations a try... As soon as you feel it's too much for you, stop, edit and make the ensemble sleek topping it with a sober tailored coat!

 Clear attraction
Prada FW 14/15

Sheer fabrics equal insanelly gorgeous top layers. The great thing about that is how they let you hide and reveal as much skin as you want... Isn't a fashionable hide & seek game one of the most alluring things on earth?

 The next trench

Tods FW 14/15

The classic trench goes hunting hawkes. Therefore, it shows up in shinny laser cut leather, with a slouchy rigid shape. And it looks so great I wanna wrap myself in one right now!! It's a style statement to keep in mind.

Big pockets and leather shirts....

Tods FW 14/15

Smooth leather in light, soft colours does wonders for an outfit. The most basic items suddenly gain an richness of texture no words can describe and a chic factor that flows with every single movement. Give a try to pastel leather head to toe! Follow Tods muse and finish the look with a bag and shoes in a darker shade and different texture. Little metallic accessories will add that subtle sparkle that makes everything more put together.

Toy story

Fendi FW 14/15

Sometimes designers like to have more fun than they usually do. This time, Mr. Lagerfeld became Cara Delevigne's new Fendi toy! Is anybody foreseeing a fashion week epidemic of little Karl toys next season?

 Sporty Sexy

Fendi FW 14/15

Sportswear never was so chic and sexy. I guess it's the effortless vibe these kind of clothes breathe that make them so desirable. Who doesn't like to look awesome anf feel oh-so-comfortable at the same time?

 Pink hero

Fendi FW 14/15
Pink is becoming one pretty tough colour in the visible sprectrum. It's not just girly anymore. It's kickass sporty, vibrant and works fabulously on futuristic shapes!

60 shades of pale

Gucci FW 14/15
Gucci's pale tones over 60's shapes looked so appropriatelly sexy and refreshing after the previous season 80's glamazons. The sharp cut coats, the nude boots and bags, the minimal details with full impact, the flattering A-lines make up a dreamy collection that would upgrade any wardrobe in a second!

 It's all about layers

Marni FW 14/15

I'm probably boring you with this... but we can't ignore the magic of layers. So, the more images you see, the more inspired you'll be towards becoming a master of the art! Contrasting shades, textures and volumes are your best tools to create artistic, bold and pretty flattering silhouettes.

 Feather feast

Marni FW 14/15

Feathers are beautiful. Feathers are magic. Feathers give clothes a dreamy and almost out of this world look. I just can't get enough of them...

Next stop: Paris Fashion Week!!!!

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