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From intentionally exposed bras and panties to layers of delicate laces and sugestive sheers that cover the skin with alluring promisses of nudity, this fall fashion is daring us to show off some serious lingerie.
Breathe. It doesn't mean you have to make your underwear separates the new white shirt and jeans (but try unbutton that white shirt a little... looks nice, right? ). The trick to pull off this trend seamlessly is paying attention to detail and reveal no more than you're comfortable with. And well... when in doubt, less (skin) is more (elegant).

I thought of three possible outfits to help you try this trend. I think you really should go for lingerie, because, when done right, it can make you look extremly beautiful and charming.

Party Allure

The trend: The slip dress.

The tips: One of the easiest and most versatile ways to wearing the lingerie trend is filling your closet with slip dresses. Or having at least one for starts... They are so effortless and pretty and embody the trend so perfectly I couldn't help falling in love with them (so... take this notes as a brief to an entire post devoted to slip dresses. Stay tuned!).
For this outfit, I've chosen one in a dark tartan so it doens't resemble too much to a night gown. Slip dresses like this one can be worn everywhere. However, I wanted to give it a shiny night dressing here. To keep it casual, wear it with flat over the knee boots (please note: tall boots and slip dresses are style soulmates) and keep the bag minimal. The outfit itself is quite a statement, so don't over pile jewelry. A pair of beautiful earrings is enough to keep you glamorous once your bejewelled coat is off.
Oh! And there'r another trick! A beautiful embellished coat will dress you up instantly. Wear it over the shoulders until the dancing floor warms you up ;) However... if you keep trade that coat for a military one or a low key wrap coat, you are ready to face daily life with super style powers!

Lady-like Romance

The trend: Midi full skirts and sheer fabrics.

The tips:  Mixing sober and pretty so well, this ouftit is perfect for nearly every occasion. From the office to a dinner date with your beau (or a brunch date with the girls ^^ ), you can pull it off as it is or edit the accessories, if at some point you feel they're a little too much for you. The skirt is the key. The sheer top layer is a very discret and elegant way to bring some transparency into your outfit. It gives you more than enough coverage and the little glimpse of transparency shows your feminine charms in a breezy and demure way. Midi skirts look their best with sitilettos (please note: no shoe beats them when it comes to eleongate your legs). A minimalistic oversised coat will both emphatize the retro lady glamour and still keep everything casual, modern and carefree. Keep the colours neutral, making exception for a lovely contrasting accessory.

 The Lady Wears the Trousers

The trend: Lace underwear as "regular" wear.

The tips: This outfit is a bit trickier and requires a lot of confidence. An uncomfortable attitude is going to ruin the overall look, so tone it down if you think it's too much for you. The picture above shows the most extreme version of it. Yes, the top is underwear. And yes, there are lots of ways to play with it.
Even if you are brave enough to go out wearing nothing but a masculine coat (please note: masculine inspired shirts and coats are great to reveal just as much femine lace as you wish...) over your lace body (I'd go for black. It's more classy and elegant and when exposing so much the last thing you want is looking vulgar or cheap), you shouldn't really take off the coat (think of it as a sort of a dress) until you're "off duty". If you want to open the coat, a silk scarf helps you covering your modesty. If know besides opening the coat you'll need to take it off, wear a taylored black blazer and/or a shirt (white and masculine or black, loose and quite sheer are good options) of your choice underneath.
Remember the secret to this outfit is suggesting skin without showing it all at once. Cover up the lingerie as it makes you feel more comfortable, but never hide it all away. Find a balance that fits you elegantly and dare to show some black lace (according to your own agenda, obviously...)!

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