segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Braids are here to stay! Lots fashion shows and fashionable people can't live without them anymore... So can't I! Once I've started experimenting with braids I realized they're not so hard to make, even for those of us whose hair is "not quite long enough". If you think you were not cut to braid your own hair, I'll just tell you to go through some fashion magazines for inspiration, check out some tutorials online (both professional and amateurs) and get hands on! Believe me, the moment you start practising on your own locks, you will easily find your own personal tricks to make (almost) any braid work on your beautiful head!

For this photoshoot I did my own braid. It was meant to look vintage and a bit messy, so I simply took advantage of my front side parting and roughly divided my hair in two (one part pretty thicker than the other). From there I turned each hair section into a french braid (the thiner braid started close to one of my ears and the thicker one close to the front side parting, so I could include my side bangs into it). Then I took the thin braid, wrapped it around my head and pinned the end close to the chubby braid, tucking the excess hair underneath that. Last, but not the least, I grabbed the chubby braid and crossed it over the thin one, hidding the ends. Along the way, I secured the braids with bobby pins where I felt necessary.

As I do these braids "on the go" and quite instinctively, it's a bit difficult for me to describe the process neatly. To make it up for you, I searched youtube for some tutorials of braids similar to mine. I think the ones bellow will be helpful if you want to try this kind of braid!


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