domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

Trench coat - Mango
Sequin Jacket - Zara
Jumpsuit - Zara
Clutch - Blanco

Hello, dear readers!

Once more I find myself appologyzing for such a big absence... I've been quite overwhelmed with work and social activities, which, added to my complete lack of organization, lead to this enormous gap in between posts. I'm having a couple of weeks off duty, so I'll do my best to line up some cool stuff for you!

Well, well, it's still winter around here and won't stop raining anytime soon. I don't know about your place, but here it seems to have been raining forever... So, it's quite easy to guess our subject of the day, isn't it? Alright, ladies! Grab your trench coats right now and let them be your best styling tool against the nasty rain outside!

Top choice

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-fall 2013

 Do you already own a trench coat? Great! However, it's always good to have a few of them, in differente shades and shapes to add the most vesatitily to your rainy season (oh yeah, ti's been raining for so long that a few rainy days in a row have turned to "season" long ago...) closet. Anyway, whether you are a trench pro or a beginner, it's always important to keep at least one classic trench close. If you are missing one, you can still find a great one before the sales are over! It's a timeless piece and you are very likely to find a beautiful investment piece that will last you a lifetime almost at the price of rain! :P

3.1 Phillip Lim

This particular coat is itself a modern twist on the classic trench. I made the top choice because it is still very classic and beige, it's really versatile (you can make three different coats out of one, as the picutre above shows), it has that gorgeous crispyness only outstanding modern minimalistic designers can create and that pop of green whenever the linning peeks is just that "out of nowhere" detail that truly adds personality to the garment.

Cool alternatives

 For those of you who already master the classic, or look for different styling options, here are some great trench coats to have fun with!

Crisp White Leather          Printed & Silky           Glossy Light Blue          Classy Warm Brick           Rock & Studs

The everyday trench

 The trend: Light blue & Baby pink. Yes, my darlings. If you wish to refresh your closet with a little spring breeze, start wearing these babies. They will be a true must have once the sun starts shining.

 The tips: Don't be fooled by the obvious sweetness of these shades of blue and pink. For some reason they were reinvented by minimalistic clean lines, that work wonderfully with balck leather and cropped cuts. Keep it cosy, make it edgy! 

 The weekend trench

The trend: Midi skirt & Sweater. There you go another way to bring spring earlier to your closet. This is one of the it silhouettes to come!

The tips: Enhance the lady-like side of the outfit with neat polished ankle boots and keep it fresh, youthful and energized with a statement orange backpack.  Roll up your trench sleeves for a very chic, laid back styling!

The evening trench 

The trend: Sheer & Shine, baby! Crystal clear accessories and translucent shimmers over your skin. You won't escape them!

The tips: The night wants both your most classy self and your rock&roll soul. Satin pink, black leathers layered over sheer shimmers are a great option to bring down to earth clouded stars shine!

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  1. So beautiful sets <3
    I'm a big fan of trench coat
    Nice post*

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