segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

I can't get tired of big shirts the ultimate beach style staple. They're amazing, I love them, and hopefully, this post will show you how versatile they can be!

The trends: White minimalism & bold accessories.

The tips: This style is great to go in and out a beautiful beach, a fancy pool or even sipping refreshing drinks and running errands by the seaside. And it can perfectly take from the beach to a nice and easy sunset party. This style demands an open shirt with cuffed sleeves for an effortless elegance. You can keep it as plain and pure as wearing your shirt over a super flattering swimsuit or add some colour and detail to it with summery accessories.

The trends: Pijama stripes & eclectic accessories.

The tips: Again cuffed sleeves (take note, this applies to all of the following styles too) and an open shirt do the trick here, over a nude swimsuit with great fit. The nude tone will elongate your body and give that alluring glimpse of nudity, but you can pretty much pick colour or print you like. Stripes are a neutral, after all! Embellish this beach outfit with colour and texture: straw, beads, shells, tassels are great materials to invest in. Oh, and please don't get me wrong. The super high heel up there in the picture will look amazing if you are rocking this look at a sunset (beach or pool) party that's not particular and completely based on a sand floor... Then, I'd highly recommend you something flat. Anyway, that shoe is just a little example of the kind of embellishments you could look for.

The trends: pin-up shorts & gold coin necklaces

The tips: this outfit is flirty and fun, so it should go a late afternoon kind of party. The little short will dress you up a little and the gold accessories will accentuate your sun kissed glow! Have fun experimenting! ;)

The trends: White & gold; See-through fabrics.

The tips: Beach parties are the perfect excuse for you to try a see-through skirt, if you're to shy to try it anywhere else. Comfortable knits and patterns will make your whole look more interesting. Keep the fresh clean feel with just a few delicate and streamlined golden accessories.

The trends: Midi heels & bucket bags.

The tips: this a great style to rock during holidays and/or to transition to early autumn in the city. It will allow you to mantain that summer easiness in a more put together way, thanks to great accessories. Wide, midi heels are great to walk in and still super trendy and chic. A simple leather bucket bag looks great here and will be super on trend this fall!

The trends: pencil skirts, urban lingerie and statement shoes.

The tips: By the seaside or at the city, nights out always were were and always will be the best excuse a girl can have to dress up, as fancy and playfully as she wants. This outfit has it all. A white core to make it as modern and fresh as it can be. A little black lace bra for extra allure. Great shoes to own the dance floor. Let's rock all night long, shall we?

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