terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014

Silver bracelet - Pandora

I'm back home. Seaside summer is gone by and the north is already hosting me a typical welcoming party: rain. Oh boy, after a month soaking up some intense sun I can't really say I've missed the rain. Though I like rainy days once in a while, this year was so full of those that a whole sunny month wasn't enough to make me miss them.
Anyway... It was a beautiful summer. I had my chance to relax, to dance and to be silly. A worries free month, I might say. Right now, I find myself home, more centered and grounded, more connected with my emotions, my body and my senses, loving my own skin more than I did before. Guess the deep blues of the seaside worked wonders on me. And yes, I'm ready for septembre and the new life (and look =P) ahead of me!

For now, I'll leave you with another collection of beautiful memories, from the healthy pleasure of eating sweet fresh watermellon to the indulgent feel of a decadent ice cream after an afternoon at the beach!

Enjoy waht's left of summer!


Beach kimono - H&M ss14

Waking on sunshine and feeling like a flying diva!

Swimsuit - Pull&Bear ss14
Sunnies - Massimo Dutti ss14

Laying eyes on a peaceful and reviving landscape!

Swimsuit - Oysho ss14
Sunnies - Massimo Dutty ss14
Lipstick - Kiko ss 14
Breathing some ocean infused air (oh, so good!) and wearing red lipstick to the beach just because it looks awesome with my swimsuit.

Getting lost in this creamy, refreshing indulgence....

Sneakers - Zara ss 14

And then going for a run to make up for the damage...while feasting the eyes with such a view...

Leather jacket - Massimo Dutti
T-shirt - Pull&Bear ss14
Necklace - Zara fw 14/15

Hairdrying the hair and leaving it untammed (a pleasure I can only trully enjoy by the seaside) and letting its wilderness fill up my senses...

... Before dancing my way through a night like this.

Bag - Filipe Sousa

And, in the end, going home, whith all my senses pleased and nourished, mind set on city cravings and heart filled with new dreams.

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