sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

If you haven't taken a dip in sea (or any other water reservatoire big enough to pleasantly cool down your body) so far this summer, this pics might inspire what you'll wear (and possibly do) once you get there.
If you're already enjoying some summer lazyness by the seaside... well, it's never too late to take in some more inspiration!
And, if your seaside times are gone already, feel free to virtualy dive into these images and refresh your spirt!

Have a beautiful summer!
Kiss, D.    

Swimsuits with crossing straps on the back are just like diamonds: forever!

Forever sexy and alluring...

Forever exquisite and graceful.

Take the plunge!

Plunging cleavages work as well on swumsuits as they work on evening gowns: they're your key to a long, lean and oh-so-haute look.

Bucket hats may be the ultimate obssession...

But classy turbans will never go away!

Specialy when worn with statement sunglasses and super posh jewelry!

Topless might have been on trend for ages...

But the fancy thing of our day is to meditate on the coolest spot under the sun!

If at this point you still don't know what to wear... Go red!

Whether you are feeling chic...


Or just a little bit eccentric!

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