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10 Crosby Derek Lam FW 14-15

New York Fashion Week has been showing a lot of fun and interesting trends for next autumn. The designers are fine tunning their cuts and playing a lot with textures, colours, layerings and unexpected pairings. Some of the shows have been really mind refreshing and inspiring, you should take a look!

To make it a little easier for you, I'll just leave here some of the things that really caught my eye so far. Later on I'll try to group beautiful outfits into trends and give you hints on how to bring them to your closet, while the current cold season is still around. It always feels good welcoming a nice twist of novelty into our daily lives, right? That is one the true beauties of fashion!

Odd pairings

10 Crosby Derek Lam

I just loved this outfit at the first sight. Loved it for the edgyness and the effortlessness. Every single piece is awsome and the styling is to die for! A chic black dress, crisp, sleeveless and sexy, gains movement with an assimetrical cut that suggests a dangerouly high slit. Red glossy rain boots, so casual and youthful, give the whole outfit a certain "I don't care" attitude. A bare skin and messy hair go so naturally with that, making us believe all of those elements were made for each other.

Little black fantasies


Little Black Dresses and Red Lips are an eternal classic in fashion, I know. But why play by the same old rules when we can add a little fantasy to the matter? It's awesome how this dress pretty, demure, girlish dress can be toned down by opaque tights and flat masculine shoes without loosing the chic it was born with! A perfectly undone  hair and dark red lips are the very best way to accessorize it, keeping things simple and true to their essence. (Do I spot a beauty trend here? That's subject for another post, mes chères! )

Oversized comfort

Creatures of Comfort

I think we should start think about oversized coats as an investment piece. Once you try them, you can't let them go away from your life. They're so comfy and versatile and go with absolutely anything, keeping you warm all winter long! (More on these cosy shields soon! ) I just adore them in soft fabrics and pretty pastel shades... It makes me want to grab them, wrap myself up and never let go!

Red Clash

helmut lang

A little red party never hurt nobody, right? Oh yeah, that's right! Everybody needs a bit of boldness once in a while and no colour turns up the heat like red. And what a pair red & fluffy knits make! Perfect for a chilly day in town!

Attention to detail

Kate Spade New York
Collars that happen to be upside down bows and bags shaped like pretty birds cages? How sweet is that? The proof that details really make the difference when it comes to creating an interesting surprise out of a simple classic black suit.

Cold chic

Organic by john patrick

Scandi chic is serious about staying around for good. It's all about simplicity, comfort and great design. One thing is true: everyone needs that, even on their closet. Who doesn't dream of being able to thoughtlessly grab a few clothes and look pretty damn fabulous on them, while being able to run errands like an athlete? Sometimes less is definitely more. Keep it cool, keep it neutral. Layer icy whites over greyish beiges for an amazing, crisp & clean look.

Sweater weather

Sally LaPointe

Oversized chunky sweaters won't be leaving us anytime soon. Better versions of the sporty classic keep showing up. This one, with large sleeves embellisehd with shiny fur, is just a beautiful example out of a milion. And, by the way, forget the frilly blouses. Sweaters are pencil skirts new love affair.

Layer up

Thakoon Addition
It's about time to master those smart layering skills, don't you think? I'm still working on my own and these last shows are giving me a lot of styling insights I want to share with you on another post.
How cool can a shirt peeking out of a top look over a midi skirt? How wonderfully can a skinny belt shape up a straight ensemble? Oh, the joys of layering!

New Glamour


That forever alluring old hollywood glamour is taking new proportions. It's not just about full busts, nipped waists and silky seductive dresses anymore. The present/future vibe is more about keeping things classy and seductive, while taking into account the principles of mixing textures and layering.
Can't a loose grey dress, with a deep cleavage adorned with lingerie inspired trim, paired with nude heels and silky pink gloves win the best dressed award? Well, I think it can. And I also think you're gonna love this more relaxed aproach to glamour as much as I am, as soon as I show you this beautiful selection I'm working on!

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