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Co. FW 14/15

Well, well, well... New York Fashion Week wraps up the catwalks in a couple of days with Marc Jacobs (am I the only one dying to know what le enfant terrible is about to show after leaving Louis Vuitton?). So far we've had some glimpses of geniality, a lot of modern minimalisms and odd (in an inovative, fresh way) stylings. It's been visual music to inspire us and make our creative selves tick. Let the changing breez take over!

Shall we go through another round of the outfits I loved the most?

Like a Boss

3.1 Phillip Lim FW 14/15
 Sharp cuts, slightly oversized, architect the new power suits for women. Are we watching the rise of a new classic? I just can't ignore the awesome, masculine inspired, wrapping blazers everywhere I look. Can't wait to get myself inside one of those!

Utilitarian Chic

Alexander Wang FW 14/15
Alexander Wang is a non stop show. Like it or not, you can't just ignore his work. The kid's got it and his showing more and more confidence each season.
A leather rigid top under a straight, work-uniform-like, dress with horse riding inspired over the knee boots? That's just smart.

 Pink & Sharp

Del Pozo
 Pink is no longer a sweet colour for girly princesses. It's changing for its best version in a long time. Pink suddenly became contemporary and invaded stores worldwide. I particularly like the dusty shades applied to crisp shapes and leather-like textures. It goes so well with the new minimalistic classics, giving them just enough sweetness to transform their iconic cold coolness entirely.

Polished Denim

J. Crew FW 14/15
J. Crew designers are absolute styling magicians. They play up with clothes in such a smart way it's hard for us to realised their outfits are not assembled the "correct" way. I think it's great that lots of brands and designers are breaking up with the usual ways, increasing styling possibilies and poking our creativity as well. The old rules are guidelines to be twisted.

A high end denim coat over satiny track pants paired with a crips white shirt and pointy shoes are totally the new "black tie" suit. What a magic trick!

Prep & Crisp

Jil Sander Navy FW 14/15
Collegial style was also caught by evolution. Cute and traditional tartan uniforms are growing sporty, in a not so preppy way. The prep essence is there, but the overall look is far more modern and edgier. Easy everyday chic!

 The Maxi Flirt

Milly FW 14/15
Long, floating and very, very transparent. This is the skirt you want to wear when the first autumn breezes show up. So light and flirty, it's perfect to ease the tensions of a structured blazer (I'm so doing a post on how to style the wrapping masculine blazers I mentioned before!!!) and make any outfit look superbly feminine.

Please note: Sheer pencil skirt are gonna be iconic this spring! Why not stepping up your game and start wearing the breezy ones that will up next fall already? Just sayin'... ;)

 Deconstructing Ways

Prabal Gurung FW 14/15
A glamorous satin dress and a masculine blazer are torn appart and fused together into an astonishing new shape. The turtleneck sweater underneath tones down the high impact beautifully and leaves just the right amount of skin showing. Avant-guard sensuality. Just perfect.

The Hero

Rodarte FW 14/15
 The Rodarte sisters went crazy and the world loved it! Their rainbow sparkling coats are taking over the fashion scene for sure! Get ready to shine!

The it dress

The Row FW 14/15
This is such a beautiful dress! So simple, so chic. So modest, so alluring. Comfortably contouring the body, it is to be worn by someone comfortable in their own shoes.

The black masculine shoes with grey socks are an odd match to the dress. However, they make perfect sense within the collection's concept. I like them there because they show some sort of symbiosis between the masculine and feminine aesthetics. Feet on the ground, heads up in heaven.

 Sartorial Breeze

Theory FW 14/15

To be honest, I can't really tell if I'm looking at a jacket over a skirt and shorts or at a jackets that elongates assymetrically as a sensuos dress. But that's the very reason why I love it. For its mysterious ways. The outfit starts out masculine and quite stiff, then gradually breakes into beautifully constructed curves that lead it to a delicious feminine soul. Brilliant!

 Dark Romance

Victoria Beckham FW 14/15

I know it's a total black outfit. But I can only see sweetness there. Not the sticky, mellow kind though. It's a delicacy of soft lines and volumes that balance nicely an otherwise straight, purist silhouette. Charming!

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