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Zimmerman FW 14/15

Sweaters have been around for a couple of seasons and as far as I can tell, they'll stay close a while longer. Are they becoming a new wardrobe classic? (I'm not referring to the iconic cashmeres with great fit or the eternal cable knits... our business of the moment is a bit more cropped, oversized and glamorously sporty!) Well, the most recent versions are everything but basic... Yes, there actually is a "sweater - mate" for each one of us!

Whether you're a minimalistic soul, a bling bling lover or you find your heart beating faster for something in between, you probably should get yourself a nice sweater to stay warm and stylish!

So far, New York Fashion Week has been showcasing a few amazing ways to style the sweater. I really think we could grab the ones we own and start wearing them the FW 14/15 way!

This awesome piece of clothing is proving to be appropriate everywhere. I'm sure you've already moved on from the "staying home" and "gym only" numbers. Today's sweaters go to work, to parties, keep being fest friends with boyfriend jeans and also flirt with pencil skirts and silky evening gowns.

It's about time to get you inspired! Don't forget to tell me how do like to style your sweaters!

 The low key

Band of Outsiders FW 14/15

 Ever wanted to grab a fancy black dress for the most casual occasion without looking too dressed up? Here's how: tie a soft, contrasting sweater on your waist or hips (as it feels more comfortable or balanced, according to the shape and proportions of your body and dress). If it gets chilly you can even put the sweater on and create the illusion of a skirt. Finish the outfit with boyish flat shoes for a more laid back style.

The icing on the cake
Creatures of the Wind FW 14/15
This is one of my personal favorites. Minimalistic enough, layered and terxtured (I think the skirt is just printed, but it really gives me a tactile feeling, so I'll keep it as texture :P ). The silhouette is quite straight, but the crisp crop sweateron top sections the body at the right place, making the bottom look narrower and letting some feminine shapes show through.

It's very modern and effortlessly chic. Great for everyday life!
Trading the ankle length skirt for a knee (or just a bit bellow) pencil one or cigarrette trousers, paired with nice stilettos, would make this outfit perfect for work.

One last thing... I'm so in love with the braid the model is wearing! It's the perfect romantic touch to warm up those shades of grey!

 The pretty princess

Del Pozo

Girly girls, this one is for you. A delicate sweater over a full skirt (50's inspired, but with a modern, more minimalistic and structures cut) is the best and quickest way to look adorable if you're meeting friends for brunch, attending a classic ballet show or even heading to a not so formal dinner party (you can always have a beautiful flirtatious top hidden under the sweater... as a  va va va voom surprise!).

Neat hair and a nude to softly blushing make up are fool proof. Anyway, depending on where you're going, you can shake it up a bit with a bold lipstick (great opportunity to try this spring's orange blossoms) and/or a messy hairstyle (don't get too excited about the messy, though...).

If I was wearing this, I'd be on top of super high heel shoes with a consistent apppearence (if the shoe is too delicate and slender it will get lost in the voluminous silhouette). I'm not tall, and they'd make everything more proportional. But you could try ankle boots or flats. Boyish oxfords or lovely ballerinas would look great!

The chameleon

Helmut Lang
Please note: Start layering up similar shades of the same colour to get one season ahead. Tone on tone combinations are the new black and white of style.

Back to the sweater... Is it a dress or is it not? Only you can know the secret! Try wearing an oversized luxuriuos knit over a short dress, skirt or shorts in a contrasting texture (leather is fabulous, just sayin'...), so that only their lower hem peeks from underneath the sweater. Who's just got a new dress?

Super big bags and ankle boots are the best this look can have. Get ready to take on the world!

The morning after
Thakoon Addition

Let's say I'm a bit obssessed with this "morning after" look I can't help spotting here and there... Well, I really see it as the true essence of the effortless style. It's a great sunday look, actually. That's why I  love how carefree the pale pink sweater looks half tucked into the grey masculine trousers. It adds just enough shape and sensuality to the outfit, as if a lace trim of your underwear (or some more skin if you'd choose to go braless) would gracefully peek.

Ankle boots keep it boyish and comfy. I guess I'd still wear stilettos, but that's just because I don't exist without stilettos... ;)

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  1. I am going to see the Neighbourhood this Monday!!! I will be writing a review on my music blog. I love the 'low key' one its beautiful.
    Do you have a preferred shop for sweaters? I find it hard to get nice high street ones

    I've posted my first ever outfit post (I usually blog about music) over on my blog, The Beehive Online its here, if you get a second x

    1. Hi Daisy!

      Your blog is a charm and I think the "low key" one would look amazing on you! From what I saw on your lovely outfit post, I think it's very "you" ;)

      Well, I usually buy my sweaters at Zara or H&M (I've been flirting with some of the new season ones for a while xD ). They have a few nice ones that actually look a lot like the ones from the runways! If you have any runway inspiration I'll be happy to help you find a similar high street one :)

      Hope you have a great time seeing the Neighbouhood next Monday! I'll be checking that review!!!