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Calvin Klein FW 14/15

 New York started strong and fierce and ended up super refined, polished and even delicate. From calvin Klein's grunge chic to Marc Jacobs' cloudy heaven, here are my favorite pearls!

The BTD - Barely There Dress

Hugo Boss FW 14/14

Jason Wu created one of the most desireble pieces that match this emergent trend (we'll discuss it some time!)! Isn't this dress a charm? I just want to (very carefully, delicatelly and preciously) rip if off the model and make it a second skin of my own!

The lightness of the fabric flies away through the assymetrical pleating. The sequins on the skirt just lift it up to the next level. The overall pale styling is just beautiful. Simple, etheral and very, very chic. However, my mind is picturing this dazzling garment giving a major stand out to red heads wearing rd lipsticks. Just a thought, anyway... But yes, this dress is making someone, somewhere, the most beautiful of them all!

The Cocktail Coat

J. Mendel FW 14/15

With a coat like this, a  silky seductive slip dress underneath, some killer stilettos and maybe a statement piece of jewelry, you'd be ready to that fancy cocktail, dinner date or glamorous night in town. Of course the coat can boost up the effortlessness of your go-to jeans and turtleneck sweater. It is as versatile as you want it to be. How magic!

The acquarell effect

Marc Jacobs FW 14/15
 A cloudy heaven followed a torn apart beach at Marc Jacobs' New York show. This collection presented an unexpectedly clean aesthetic, far away from the designer's latest extravaganzas. It was refreshing and enchanting on its own way, but most due to the dusty colour palette and the sheer layers over cream dense fabrics, light and beautiful as acquarell strokes.

The Dream Coat

Philosophy FW 14/15
 Lady-like and utterly chic, this the perfect cover to gracefully face next winter wonderlands!
It's that 24/7 elegant garment your wardrobe won't let go once you let it in!

The stricking blues

Proenza Schouler FW 14/15

If you believe great shapes should be served in great colours, this look is for you.  Take a step forward into the future and go bold on all fronts.

If you can't imagine yourself as a stricking glimpse of electric blue, pick a nicely structured piece in that same shade and match it with more neutral garments. The look should result modern, crisp and really make the blue item the center of its universe!

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  1. I love the barely there dress, that is so classy and beautiful.

    I was lucky enough to be at LFW. Check my blog post about it here -

  2. I am in love with that dress as well, I think I need o try one of those on!! :)
    Attending LFW must be a delightful experience, hope I'll get the same luck one day!!!