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Birds tattoo by TTTattoo

Summer, sun and singing birds are just beginning to sound like vacation time! And, oh, they feel so good!
Suddenly, I'm feeling like wearing lighter clothes with a slight greek goddess touch. Channeling those beautiful women with long wavy and/or marvelously braided hair is what I call a summertime classic. If you think about it, it's a style so alluring that never goes out of fashion. And it really suits everyone!

Another thing I'm giving a try this summer are tattoos. Well, I'm one of those people who thinks they look really cool, but doesn't really feel like getting a permanent one. No, it's not a case of needdle panic or paralyzing fear of pain. As far as I know myself, I truly believe I'd be tired of it at some point. However, this "tattoo's are not my thing" time saw an end, once I bumped into TTTattoo, a super cool temporary tattoos company. Their Barcelona based team loves graphic design and promotes temporary tattoos as a fashion accessory, which makes perfect sense! Their product is shipped everywhere in the world and you can choose your tattoos from their fun and inspiring designs or even create your own. How great is that?

TTTattoo package and "how to apply" instructions

 My package came with two symmetrical tattoos a super easy to follow little instructions sheet. The application was as quick and simple and the tattoo actually feels comfortable on the skin. As far as I can tell, it presents a pretty good resistance to touch and skin stretch. I placed mine bellow my collar bone and I'm absolutely happy with the result!

Birds tattoo by TTTattoo

Birds tattoo by TTTattoo
Top - Zara FW 13/14
Jeans - Zara FW 13/14
Sandals - Zara FW 13/14
Birds tattoo by TTTattoo

Birds tattoo by TTTattoo
Sunglasses - Massimo Dutti SS14
Headband - Zara SS14

Birds tattoo by TTTattoo
Golden cuff - souvenir from Greece
Watch - Guess Watches

Birds tattoo by TTTattoo

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