quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

Oh, summertime! After graduation, a little vacation feels like heaven.
I'm an addict city girl, but a few weeks chilling by the seaside can be just the kind of break I needed for now.
Still, as an incurable city girl, packing for the beach is not the easiest ttask ever... I always want to keep things to a neat minimum, but I end up packing a little (oh well) extra stuff... Every. Single. Time. This time was quite the same, but I think I've managed to select a few items I really can't live without to show you guys ;)

Day wear

Sunglasses - Massimo Dutti SS14
Swimsuit - Oysho SS14
Shirt - Zara SS14
Assorted accessories from Zara, Tous, Parfois, Venitian ang GreeK artisans.

Once we hit the seaside, our day wear pretty much consists of a swimsuit, some flip-flops or flat sandals, a few accessories (usually sunnies, a hat and little bijoux) something to wear over that sleek one piece suit or sassy bikini. That's why I'm such a fan of masculine, oversized shirts. They add that little bit of polish I like bringing from the city to the beach and they can easily be dressed up for a little sunset cocktail (I'll show you a few options in another post or I could be her forever and ever!).
I always bring some one piece suits and a couple of bikinis with me. But I like the one piece suits the best. It's not that I feel uncomfortable showing 95% of my skin on that merciless sun, but I feel more flattered with a one piece on. Just a style preference like any other!
At the accessories department, sunnies are a must. Classic tortoise models are timeless and always elegant, but feel free to have fun! I also like wearing little necklaces or bracelets with cute little charms.

24/7 Beach Chic

Shirt - Mango
Shorts - Zara (old)
Sweatshirt - Mango SS 14
Sandals - Zara (old)

Again, shirts. White, loose and slightly sheer are great building blocks for light and fresh summer outfits. High waisted, textured shorts in a seam foam shade look awesome by the the seaside. They can simply be worn over a swimsuit, or paired with a shirt (or sweatshirt, it can get a bit chilly) and flat sandals for delightful occasions like sipping fresh fruit juices at a gorgeous promenade, having dinner while admiring one of those sunsets you can only enjoy by the seaside or dancing under the moonlight at a nice and easy beach party!
More ideas on these later, I promise ;)

Night Time Glam

Print top - Zara SS14
Necklace - Zara FW 14/15
Skirt - Zara (old)
Leather Jacket - Massimo Dutti
Sandals - Zara SS14

Nights by the seaside can be as fun and glamorous as city night outs... with just a few adjustments ;)
After a day at the beach, I always want to dress up a little... It's my thing, what can I do? However, I also love feeling comfortable and breezy. So, bias cut tops that look like little capes, when a little wind comes along or the dancing steps become faster, are one of my favorite things. That white skirt in faux leather paillettes is another summer essential of mine. It just looks like summer foam to me, and worn under the previous top makes up a super fun dress for a great night out.
A cropped leather jacket is the perfect shield for a cooler night and simple strappy black sandals, with a sensible wide heel (keep in mind the floor won't always be nice and smooth, and you want to have fun, right?) keep the outfit nice and modern. If I'm in the moof for a little extravaganza, I'll just top the whole thing with a spectacular necklace!

Stay close for more seaside outfit ideas! In the meantime, have a great summer!

If it's the case, vive la plage!

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