domingo, 15 de setembro de 2013

Make up time!

This week editorial was all about keeping a little bit of summer in the city, now that the holidays are over. Well, make up is our great ally! Leave your skin light and smooth, put some focus on your eyes and have fun trying this look on you ;)

Before we start, go get your make up bag and grab a mirror!

The products I need for this look.

The picture above shows the products I need for this look. Basically, all you need is:

- A good BB cream;
- Pressed powder (if you feel you need it);
- A shimmery bronzing poweder and a nice brush to apply it;
- Dark brown matte eyeshadow;
- A soft eye pencil;
- Dark blue metallic eyeshadow;
- Emerald green eyeliner;
- Black mascara;
- Rosy nude lipstick.

Shall we start? 

Step 1: Prep your face!

Step 2: Work those eyes!


Step 3: Get ready to dazzle!


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