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Bottega Veneta FW 13/14

Yellow is trend this autumn. From feisty acids do earthy caramels, all shades are allowed to brighten our outfits!

For a lifetime, I've been a super active member of "No Yellow Brigade". At least in what concerned to be the one wearing it... I was so convinced it didn't suit my fair skin that I've never really given it a decent chance... Till this summer. Well, the most incredible things happen when we crave something different from everything we have been wearing so far. Before I new it, I had bought a light yellow spring coat, a cute woollen hat and three acidic (this was the most forbidden of all shades of yellow!) items: a sweater, the maxi skirt you've already met and a pair off ballet flats... And no, it wasn't some sort of irrational outburst, I actually liked them on me! Not as much as my all time favorites black and navy, though... But, for a change, they were quite fun to wear!

Now, for the upcoming autumn, I'll keep some yellow vibrance in my closet. Instead of the summery acids (still on trend), I gues I'll turn mostly to the warmer, rich shades of mustard which look incredible on silky and comfy winter fabrics. And well... my recent red hair colour might have a little fault on that choice... I really love a nice rusty mane over a beautiful mustard top!

I'll leave you with a few suggestions on how to wear yellow in the cooler days ahead.
Oh! And please don't believe the "yellow is not right for your skin" myth like I did my whole life... There are a few shades of yellow that will be perfect for you!

Urban acids

The trends: Acid yellow + biker jackets.

The tip: Choose a single item in yellow and make it stand out from a dark base of black clothing. Play with texures to tone down the extreme colour contrast.

Ladies just wanna have fun!

The trends: Mustard yellow + 50's inspired coats + animal prints.

The tip: Mustard is a good start for yellow beginners. Its warmth has the gift of complimenting pretty much every single skin tone/hair colour combination. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and tell me what you liked the most about it :) A 50's inspired coat has a strong lady-like vibe that might look too heavy on some younger ladies... So, why not wearing it over a youthful pair of short shorts and sweater? Play with accessories as you like. It's your time to have fun with fashion!

New gold

The trends: Yellow + 60's inspired dresses.

The tip: A little black dress is always an amazing blank canvas for a few experiments. We all know black & gold is and always will be a super chic duo... But, why not taking it a bit further? Try putting away your golden treasures for a night and replace them with shiny yellow ones. They will look quite golden, but in a more vibrant way. As you're matching the bag and shoes colour, play with textures: a soft crystal velvet for the bag and a princess satin for the shoes! This look is about girly details, so a few little bows and flares are more than welcome!

P.s. Spice up all that girly look channeling Brigitte Bardot from the neck up. Yes, you'll be wearing her 60's gorgeous make up and her sassy voluminous hair with your head band.

Brigitte Bardot

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