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Céline FW 13/14

 Paris was the big influence for this week styling chapter! The air from the city of lights must have some kind of "chic feromones" that keep alluring me... So, I just thought of focussing on some basics of worldwide known and mistake-free parisian (or french) chic.

Effortlessness is the key to look parisian. Mixing classics and neutrals, adding a detail that catches the eye, and never, ever, looking too neaty or overdone! Yes, this is the french mantra. Let's explore it a bit further?

Céline FW 13/14

Paris is the mother of all fashion weeks. Modern and chic, carelessly trendy and naturally avant-guarde, the designs showcased there fill fashionistas' stomachs with butterflies.
More specificly, Céline's F/W 13/14 collection was a statement for the future elegance. I adored the whole show... But those minimalistically modernized tartans took my breath away!

Ulyana Sergeenko

Outside the shows, Paris is the place where you can find someone wearing jeans head-to-toe and topping that super casual attire with a cerimonial silky cape trimmed with feathers as if it was the most ordinary coat in the world. See the magic?

Coco Chanel

Of course I couldn't avoid Mademoiselle Chanel, the eternal queen of parisian chic, on this topic. In the 1920's, she gave women freedom in the shape of clothes. Coco extracted the best from the boys and gave a better version to the girls, showing them they could be extremely powerful. Well, we still stay style and elegance come from a strong attitude, don't we?

Audrey Tatou as Gabrielle Chanel (Coco avant Chanel)
 The navy stripes in the top breton, a Chanel's favorite, are following us everywhere this winter! See what Miuccia Prada did at Miu Miu?

Miu Miu FW 13/14 campaign
Still, on a daily basis, you can skip the extreme accessories. Glossy and slightly messy hair, fresh skin and stilettos will glamorously help you pull off that basic shirt-and-boyfriend-jeans ensemble!

Wear relaxed jeans with stilettos for an effortless allure!
A hat and a nice clutch can give you an extra stylish hand ;)
 And, sometimes, a dashing red pout is the ultimate accessory!

Red hair and red lips - a must have duo this autumn!

 Last but not the least, Paris is a charming party, a beauty feast for the senses and an everlasting inspiration for love... So... keep a pair of Cinderela slippers nearby. An alluring prince can come over and sweep you of your feet anytime after midnight ;)

Take sparkling shoes with you to Paris!

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