segunda-feira, 16 de setembro de 2013

Maxi skirts have been in our wish lists for a couple of seasons... And they are trying to stay!

A lot of girls started their relationship with floor length skirts as love-hate affairs. "They're so hard to wear" or "I don't have the right body type to pull them off" were a very common first reaction. However, even those hard to conquer girls realized that behind a more or less tricky styling there was a soul maxi outhere, waiting for each of them to try it on.

I must confess I was one of those girls. I am not tall and my body doesn't quite look like a thin stick. Still, I didn't quit my quest to find a maxi skirt that would look flattering on me. Eventually I learned I just needed to stay away from the little pleats that add volume around the hip area and look for a defined waist line and a bias cut.
Finally, this summer I met my maxi skirt. It was so bright, so silky and moved so gracefully that I instantly knew it was mine! The plus? It can actually make me look taller (of course I always wear it with high heels... sky high heels... ;) but that's just between you and me...)!

As I love my floor length skirt very much, I made it my star piece of the week. My skirt has a pretty summery light green/acid yellow colour that we'll still be seeing in some autumn/winter 13/14 items. Nevetheless, I wanted to tone down the sunshine and blend it into a more autumnal wardrobe. A vintage inspiration seemed perfect and I decided to give the skirt a more bohemian and sligthly medieval treatment.

Here's how it turned out!

Grab your maxi and dance with me!

Maxi skirt - Zara SS13

White blouse - Mango FW 13/14
Shoes - Zara
Belt - Mango

Faux croco bag - Parfois

Sun Glasses - Zara SS13

Black sheer shirt - Zara

Ankle boots - Zara

Jewel belt - Zara

Hat - Massimo Dutti
Lace body - Oysho FW 13/14

Headband - Accessorize

Earring/Hair Jewel - Parfois

Blouse - Massimo Dutti
Belt - Zara

Shoes - Zara FW 13/14

                               See you next week,


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